Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Sexy Interview With Ricky Lima / TEUTON Vol.2 News

Back on Free Comic Book Day @ Stadium Comics, Fred and I spoke with intrepid web-reporter Ricky Lima about TEUTON Vol. 2; namely how the wonderfully talented Agnes Garbowska will illustrate a back-up story for the new book! I thought this addition to the book was meant to be a surprise, but I totally forgot we spilled the beans on camera.

The story Agnes is illustrating pertains to the actual Lithuanian folklore behind some of the key players in Volume Two. Agnes' trademark style serves as a great contrast to my heavy inks, and from what I've seen of her early drafts she really drives it home. I'm truly excited!

It's surreal to see another artist render your creations and bring them to life. In a strange way, Agnes' pages substantiate the book as a real thing in my mind. As Kramer said when J. Peterman published his life stories, "I've broken through--I'm part of popular culture now!"

I'm on the home stretch with TEUTON Vol.2 with just a few pages left to go, then the cover, and then... I can't think that far ahead. The ending of this one packs a wallop and I'm eager for people to read it all in one go!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Godzilla Roughs

Last week's theme at Spitballin' Comics was Godzilla, and while I posted my sketch saying I'd follow up with scans of my roughs and whatnot, I'm late on that promise.

Here's the sketch, in case you missed it:

 And here's the "behind the scenes" stuff:


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lone Wolf & Cub Process

This is my second contribution to the awesome sketch blog Spitballin' Comics, and I was given the privilege of choosing this weeks theme: Lone Wolf & Cub.

I've been looking for an excuse to draw these characters for a while. Today's stormy weather felt wholly appropriate draw Itto and his boy, since where ever they go carnage rains.

Here's a bit of my process. I was greatly inspired by the truly excellent work of artist Kagan McLeod and tried to internalize his use of brush and vibrant colours while working on this piece. By the way, if you haven't rad Kagan's magnum opus, Infinite Kung-Fu, do yourself a huge favour and pick up a copy. I can't say enough great things about.

Anyway, this blog is about me. Me! So have a look at the following before moving on to Spitballin' Comics to see the finished piece!...

... see the finished piece @ SPITBALLIN' COMICS!