Monday, November 15, 2010

Around the Interwebs

Here's are some fun links that are associated with me either directly or indirectly. In other words, I had too much time on my hands this afternoon. Enjoy!

Art Libs by Stephanie Cooke
Steph is a rad lady who enjoys exploring new art. Art Libs is her innovative Q&A that brings to light artists and their works so her many readers can dig on them too. Isn't she the greatest? She was kind enough to feature me twice and you can read both articles: Art Libs Q&A, Art Libs Fan Expo 2010 Coverage

Cerebus TV: My Video Interview at the 2010 Toronto Wizard Convention

 Convention sketches from early 2010: Comic Art Gallery

An assortment of my Bios on various comic sites
Praise and Articles for Holmes Inc.  

Praise and Articles for Big Sexy Comics


Praise and Articles for The Vampire Conspiracy: The Zed Word Blog review

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