Monday, January 31, 2011

Superhero Sketches

Like many artists, I doodle a lot. It's essentially a bodily function now. I doodle on napkins, receipts, business cards, the newspaper, etc. I do it so often I hardly pay attention to what's being scribbled down. That's why it's always fun to come across old doodles of mine. They're like little windows from which I can reflect on the time and place they were created, like hearing an old song or catching a familiar scent. Suddenly I am transported and for the briefest of moments all is right. Thank you little time machines.

I'm posting a couple superhero sketches I came across in my work room. Most of my sketches do not look so refined. In all honesty, these are fairly polished. Then again, if they weren't, they would not be as interesting to post. Enjoy!

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