Saturday, July 14, 2012

TEUTON Vol.2 Previews

Here's some more preview art by two fine artists that will be featured in our pin-up gallery for Teuton Vol.2 (debuting at Fan Expo in August!)

The first is by Miko Maciaszek, a illustrator of ornate detail and whimsy. Miko's rendition of Andrus, faintly resembling Max Von Sydow here in his full armor, puts everything I've done to shame. Miko seriously delivered the goods and both Fred and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Artist Jason Bone is back for another round of Teuton! Bone was one of the first artists to contribute a pin-up for Teuton Volume 1. We were stoked by his portrayal of Olbert transformed into a tree ogre (seen left). For Volume 2 Jay has serves up a powerful shot of Perkunas, the Lithuanian equivalent of Thor, bringing his hammer done for reals. I love it. Jay's use of negative space reminds me a lot of a art deco Greek god... if that makes sense? Regardless, I love it, and I'm happy J was kind enough to return. Incidentally, J Bone is the creator of Gobukan, a thoroughly enjoyable cartoon strip for Saturday Morning Webtoons. I highly recommend it as part of a balanced breakfast!

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