Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Sale / Some More Fan Expo Coverage!

Geek Hard @ Fan Expo 2012

Mr. Green from Geek Hard interviewed Fred and I at our table during Fan Expo weekend. The lads at GH are all great guys and it's always a pleasure seeing them at shows. I actually had the pleasure of doodling Dr. Octopus in Green's sketchbook.

Incidentally, Geek Hard's Andrew Young published a positive review of Teuton: Volume Two, and for that I say "Heck yes!" My thanks to everyone for being so rad and treating me well at conventions.

Art For Sale

Also from Fan Expo are several pieces of original art that I'm casually putting up for sale. I figure this will be something I do semi-regularly, just have a limited sale on sketches and original pieces or whatever, including the pieces I've done for Spitballin' Comics. Exciting?

The sale items are listed below and can be purchased via Paypal. E-mail me to lay claim to an item:

There's probably a smarter way of doing this, but for now this is how I'm playing it out. Cheers!

SOLD! Watercolours, India Ink, and Copic Marker on Stathmore

$20 - Ink on Marvel Sketch Cover

$40 - Watercolour and India Ink on Strathmore
$25 - India Ink on 8" x 11"
$25 - India Ink on 8" x 11"

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