Saturday, December 15, 2012

These Weeks In Drawing... Parts 3-8 Respectively

Back in October I dared having some consistency on my blog by starting a then weekly segment called This Week In Drawing... which I quickly failed at doing after just two posts.

I've already lamented about not following through, which is a lame thing to do. Why not spend that precious blogging time updating with something new rather than complain I can't find the time to update with something new? It's an apathetic paradox, yo!

So here's making up for seven weeks of drawing. To be fair, this isn't the entirely of everything I've scratched on paper these past seven weeks. It's more a combination of the best there was and what I felt like scanning...





A big part of why I'm so busy is that I'm pulling double duty with art chores on two different comics. While that's not unprecedented, it's certainly more I believed I was capable of. It's crazy, but I'm enjoying it.

Teuton is really heating up and going to some very exciting places. Volume Three will quickly turn into balls out fantasy, just like Fred and I always planned. Our intention was always to start in a realistic setting grounded in history before over-arching into something uncanny. I'm really happy to finally be racing towards the endgame.

The first eleven pages of Teuton: Volume Three can be viewed here and here.

Undertow is altogether different. The story I'm working on, The Forgetting, is like Marvel's The Eternals but stranger and with gore. It's a trip. Although I'm just getting started, I'm eager to take this story into the psychedelic as far as my art choices go. In fact, I look at Chris Burnham's work on Batman Incorporated for inspiration.

The first three pages of The Forgetting can be seen here.



First off, I fucking love Base Camp X. I love their products; axes, knives, and hammers that feel luxurious and essential at the same time. And I've got nothing but love for Graeme Cameron, the total badass in charge of BCX.

Since meeting Graeme, he's been nothing but positive and supportive of my artwork, and constantly generates ideas of how our respective trades can overlap. His ideas have resulted in some of my most favourite projects to date. It also doesn't hurt that he rewards me with killer cool edge weapons made custom just for me.

My work with Graeme sometimes involves assisting him with the detailing on a custom axe, like on The Poineer. Mainly, however, I've done companion art pieces for some of his more sensational axes, like my painted Woodsman piece and a BCX version of Evil Eddie for Iron Maiden.

Most recently Graeme was commissioned by Warner Bros. for a Man Of Steel themed axe that will go to director Zack Snyder. I was given the opportunity to illustrate Kal-El in a way that reflected the BCX brand and the more everyman qualities glimpsed in the Man Of Steel's trailers:

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  1. I love the finished piece, Adam! I only wish I had a tenth of your artistic talent...
    By the way, cool axe!