Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning: LOST Mural

Hey gang, remember the show Lost? I sure do. Especially after going through my workroom closet and finding a giant, 4' x 5' mural dedicated to the show that I painted for my old job at the now non-existent Startstruck Entertainment.

I am giving this away to any interested parties, otherwise I am throwing it out on my next garbage day (Tuesday, May 13th). If you want it, please contact me via twitter (@AdamTGorham) or e-mail ( and we'll arrange pick-up. It's big.

The mural was created to mark the release of season six on home video. A bunch of us had big hard-ons for the show and would avidly discuss its many mysteries, so the creation of this was a lot of fun personally.

The mural encapsulates the whole series and includes various highlights of the series' mythology. I even sneaked the infamous Numbers into the details.

Summing up: free 4'x5' painted Lost mural by Tuesday, May 13th or its garbage.

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