Thursday, November 20, 2014

ZERO #12

ZERO #12 Cover Process: inks by Adam Gorham (left), design and colours by Tom Muller (right).

Yesterday saw the release of ZERO #12 (Image Comics), which I had the good fortune to illustrate. It's an especially big deal for me personally because this is the first mainstream comic I've anchored. Zero also happened to be a comic I really enjoyed as a reader. Having the opportunity to contribute to a story I was already invested in meant a good deal to me. I'm even more excited about what comes next, what ripple effects my work on this particular chapter may have to the series whole. As an artist, I was also really excited by the chance to prove myself on a greater stage, where wider audiences would see my work. Knowing this, I challenged myself, pushed my creative limits to leave an impression on readers. Without arrogance, I feel content in the belief that I succeeded in creating unique imagery that will have a few people take notice.

I don't normally stand on ceremony or celebrate milestones. Sometimes that feels a shame, but mostly I feel the pressure to keep moving forward with my work, and in so doing I forget to stop and find some joy in what I've accomplished. I'm still learning, still refining my skills. I never intend to stop. Here and now however, in the wake of this release that I've anticipated since starting the issue back in July, I can sit quietly and feel pride in this milestone. It feels good. I feel good about things.

I'm grateful to series writer Ales Kot for giving me the opportunity to join the ranks of artists who have made Zero special title, and all his support and advice through production. I'm thankful for my family and friends who showed their support and encouragement throughout the making of this book. I'm thankful to all the people who have so far shared their positive feedback to the book. Your words are appreciated.

Here's a look at my rough layouts and character sketches...

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