Friday, May 8, 2015

Dead Drop #1 Cover Process

colours by Tamra Bonvillain
Dead Drop #1 hit stores this week and has been incredibly well received by reviewers and readers alike. I can't adequately express how great that feels. I'm really enjoying the work I'm doing with Ales, Mike and Valiant, and I guess that must show in the finished product. It's not often where I look back on my art and want to nit-pick and change things.

The first issue had four variants, one of which I had the pleasure to draw. The cover was my first task after taking the assignment, and apart from a premise and brief synopsis, I knew very little about the series. Heck, even the title wasn't finalized when I came aboard, which is why my first mock-up for the cover glibly reads AWESOME BOOK by Awesome Writer / Awesome Artist (my mom thinks I'm funny).

Colours for the cover were handled by Tamra Bonvillain, who I feel really to have worked with because she's doing some really excellent work right now on numerous titles.

If you haven't checked out issue one of Dead Drop, man, you gotta get on that!

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