Sunday, June 5, 2011

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Teuton, Teuton, Teuton! (and one other thing)

Much has been happening lately in preparation for printing our trade paperback edition of TEUTON. Most of it exciting, some of it utterly mundane. Let's begin with the mundane!

Back when I drew our first issue of Teuton, I had forgone buying traditional comic art boards with helpful blue lines. I didn't even have my own scanner until I was over 10 pages in. Instead, I would buy 18x24 pads of watercolor paper, cut them down to 11x17 and would measure the template dimensions by hand--and I didn't even stay true to that sizing either! When it came time to drop all our finished pages into the template our printer, Ka-Blam, provided, it was discovered that my sizes and image resolutions were all over the place. Numerous pages were cropped and re-sized in the 11th hour. Since our first issue saw print, we all know our deadline was made and good times were had.

However, we're on our fourth issue now, and one can't help but look back on the mistakes of the past. Since issue one will be reprinted in our trade, Fred and I are taking the time to correct our most glaring flaws. This is a very liberating thing! With all my mistakes and regrets in life, I've finally found one I can literally take an eraser to! I won't waste time saying exactly what will be changed--I'll let readers discover it for themselves--but I will say it's become incredibly taxing on my time. That's it for the mundane.

One exciting aspect of our upcoming trade will be a pin-up gallery comprised of work by thrilling guest artists. We have an amazing roster of talent contributing. So good, in fact, you'll wonder why they aren't drawing the book instead. While I'd like to keep details a secret, I'll tease with this:

This splendid piece was done by Portland, Oregon artist Adam Moore. He's an illustrator of great skill whose work revels in the golden age of 80's cartoons and comics. I absolutely encourage you to check out his blog and DA gallery.

Now just to remind anyone reading that I'm not such a shabby artist myself, below is a recent page from Teuton #4, featuring my good buddy Doug as the recently resurrected and now totally evil Teuton Komtur!... Finally, there are 10 (60-69) spanking new pages of our ripping yarn, Teuton, up on Big Sexy Comics. Read them if you haven't already, and look for the subliminal message! (hint: there is none.)

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