Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coming Soon...

The newly printed trade of Teuton should be arriving at my door any day this week (I hope!) and all this waiting is giving me the jimmy legs. I'm pacing through my house, looking out the window constantly, not-so casually standing on my front step to meet a UPS delivery truck that is taking too long to arrive--it's almost too much. Although the book was completed quite some time ago, I won't feel satisfied until I'm holding the finished product. Only then will I feel the reassuring finality those printed pages represent, carrying with them a sense of a job well done, that hard work can and does amount to something.

In a year that so far has brought about many changes, surprises, and adventures, I've felt plagued by uncertainty. Every week I'm introduced to something new, for better or worse, and it is sometimes difficult to get a grip on my shifting reality. However, there are wonderful constants in my life, and for nearly two years one of them has been my work on Teuton. Sometimes my progress is steady and others weeks may elapse between pages, but knowing that after finishing a page there will be another and another helps build structure around things I can't control.

For now I wait with what patience I have until the moment comes where ink smudges my fingertips was I scrutinize the fruits of my labors. In my heart I know it won't end there. There is always the next step I'll be eager to take: the big show, the chance to meet exciting and influential people, and being at my desk with a new script.

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  1. OH MAN. A trade?! Congrats, man! That's a helluva lotta drawing in one place. Can I come buy it from you at Fan Expo?