Thursday, January 5, 2012

TEUTON vol.2, pages 24-25

So far in our story, a plot to steal the mighty axe of Perkunas has been revealed. Perkunas, a powerful deity of the Lithuanian pantheon of gods, is less than pleased to learn this. However, with the axe now missing, big questions loom: who conspires to wield it, and why?

Caught in the middle of all this intrigue is our hero, Andrus Tamm, a Teutonic knight captured by his pagan enemies. The axe is believed to be in Teuton territory, thus Perkunas dispatches Andrus to retrieve the weapon, along with two pagan escorts: the blunt and fearsome Jadvyga and the lady Asura.

Little do they know, their opposition is none other than Perkunas' own brother, Bangputys, god of the sea! Deep within his underwater palace, Bangputys secretly bargained with a demonic assassin named Ziburnis to both find the axe and kill Andrus.

As Andrus and company ride out across a snowy wilderness, Ziburnis sails in from the Baltic sea to meet them head on! But before he can, must teach one of Bangputys' spoiled sons a lesson in manners...

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