Monday, March 12, 2012

Toronto Comicon In Review

For me personally, the Toronto Comicon was easily one of the better shows in my past couple years of experience. No hiccups, no bad traffic, no forgetting things at home, no last minute dashes to DeSerres on Spadina Avenue.

Our Big Sexy Comics table, A-94, was a stones throw away from the legendary George Perez. Even from a distance he is visibly one of the kindliest men I've ever seen.

Across from us sat an impeccably wonderful collection of folks that included Gibson Quarter, David Cutler, Keiren Smith, Ty Templeton (constantly surrounded by a corona of adoring fans as always), and Leonard Kirk.

Good company was in no short supply. I had a blast palling around with writer Phil McClorey and artist Brian Evniou. I also had the great pleasure of chatting with Phil Jimenez, who is as skilled as he is charming. My good friends Doug and Steph returned from PEI and paid me a very warm visit.

The highlight by far was seeing my daughter Rosalind Belle strut down the aisle in her Batman t-shirt. She was awe-struck by the sights and sounds. Just recently we watched The Empire Strikes Back together, so at the age of 2 she is already Star Wars crazed. Seeing the very impressive R2-D2, the Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader left her jazzed. Sitting with me at my table she played pretend lightsabers and belted out an inventive rendition of the Empire theme music. Suck on that, John Williams.

The show was otherwise successful. We sold some books and met great people. Big thanks to my table-mates Fred, Jeff, and Andre.

Yes, I do have Batman prints left. I've been contacted by several curious people who couldn't make it to the show. There are 38 left to be precise. However, as I stated over the weekend, I will not be selling them at future conventions. They will be available to purchase @ my Etsy store, or you may contact me to buy from me personally:

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