Monday, April 2, 2012

TEUTON Vol.2, pages 52-53

The Komtur makes his first appearance in Teuton Vol.2!

When we last saw the Komtur he was interrogating a Teuton captain for the whereabouts of Perkunas' Axe.

If you'll recall, The Komtur was all along working in service to Maras, the goddess of death. After being killed in issue one, he was resurrected by Maras and ordered to find the missing axe. With a magical amulet that can raise fallen soldiers, the Komtur ambushed a Teuton convoy headed for Konigsberg--the capital city where the axe originally destined.

After the ambush left the Komtur empty-handed, he took the commanding Teuton officer prisoner and hacked his way to the information he wanted: the axe was given to a legion of French knights at Constantine's Crossing, a distant trade on the edge of the frontier.

Knowing this, the Komtur sets yet another trap for an unsuspecting band of warriors.

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