Monday, May 7, 2012


Exciting news in the world of Indie comics!

A little while ago I contributed artwork to a exciting comic anthology called Horror In The West. The book has been long in the works and was created and edited by Phil McClorey. He's the writer of many cool horror shorts for his own imprint, Furious Comics. You can read my creative history with Phil here

I can honestly tell you the book is going to be killer. I'm super excited about it. The video lays out the skinny pretty well, but in case you couldn't commit to watching a two minute video, I'll spell it out here:

Horror In The West is cadre of frightful horror tales that take place in the old West.  The anthology is creator owned and independent, and is made by some of the baddest and raddest indie talents around: Sam Agro, Jason Copland, Dan Simon, Chris McQuaid, Brian Evinou, Jeff McComsey, Fred Kennedy, and many more!

For my own part, I was only able to contribute a pin-up, although I would have loved to spin my own yarn. Nevertheless, I did craft a story for the devilish saloon girl illustrated below. 

My initial drafts all featured the femme fatale mostly nude. For obvious reasons, Phil requested that she be clothed in the final draft. The character, whom I don't yet have a name for, was inspired by another character I once thought up. Nicknamed "The Coyote Queen", she was a desert nymph that seduced travelers with her carnal beauty and wild spirit before stealing their souls. 

I still really like that idea, but I thought it would feel out of context in the anthology. So I took the essence of this girl that only exists in my mind and gave her a distinctive Western aesthetic. Now you can have a look at my process:

 Prints of my pin-up will be offered to those who make a pledge of $35! 

They'll be signed by Yours Truly and may come with extra sketch, if that sweetens the deal!

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