Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Happenings!

Another update on some more goings-on!

The Wizard World Comic-Con is now several weeks behind us, but my pal Ricky Lima of Flavourful Sauce recently posted a video of me drawing that he filmed at the show. The footage now serves as the intro for his web series, Flavourful Reviews. See me in action...

In other news, my friend and former collaborator Marc Morgernstern is trying to remake his indie horror feature, The Vampire Conspiracy. My very first paid comic gig was adapting Marc's movie into a graphic novel--no easy task for a rookie comic artist with virtually no prior experience. Trial by fire, children.

I always felt the film has potential beyond its shoestring budget, so I'm eager to see what Marc does a second time around. I already dig the first change; the film's excellent new title: BLOOD GAME.

The project is on Indiegogo and it can use your support. Learn all about it here! By way of helping Marc promote his exciting project, he's giving away free copies of our graphic novel The Vampire Conspiracy on Free Comic Book Day!

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