Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even More Fan Expo Coverage

My daughter Rosalind has come to love Star Wars at a very young age.

That's my doing. I had A New Hope playing while inking one day and she seemed into it. I thought it might be neat to sit with her and watch the rest of the trilogy a little bit each night. After watching The Empire Strikes Back she was recalling names and plot points. It was unprecedented at the time.

It's been several months but her interest hasn't waned. When Rose was told she'd get to dress up for Fan Expo, there was only one character she wanted to be: Princess Leia.

At the convention she asked repeatedly where Darth Vader was. That's who she wanted to see most--or so she thought until she crossed paths with another Leia. Then shit got real.

Look into the innocent eyes of petrified joy.
It was wonderful carrying her around the convention floor and introducing her to friends new and old. Heck, I was proud. I wanted something to really meaningful to mark the occasion, so I retained the very skilled Agnes Garbowska.

In Teuton: Volume Two, Agnes brilliantly illustrated an Epilogue tale that closed the book nicely. Her style was an excellent contrast to mine, and added depth to our little world. It was that same style I wanted for Rosalind's memento.

Many thanks to Agnes for the impeccable work she's known for.

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