Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been away these past two weeks. While I am preparing to write all about my experiences abroad, I'd first like to acknowledge some awesome things that happened in my absence!

The very night before I left town I was feverishly at work on the cover for Holmes Inc. #3, which was a nice return to a property I played a small role in establishing over two years ago. Most of the same people I worked with on issue one have returned for this third installment, and I really wanted to come through for them.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to colour it myself, as was my ambition. However, since I was handing it over to the very capable hands of Ty Templeton, whom I trusted implicitly to make it even better, I was I not so much surprised as I was totally blown away by his finished colours nailed what I envisioned

Thanks so very much to Ty for the opportunity and his excellent. I'd also like to thank all the cool cats and kittens from the Holmes Inc. team for their valuable input.

The book will be on sale this weekend at the Toronto Fan Expo, and you should absolutely grab a copy. I mean it. Do it.

I've also learned from reading my backlogged Twitter feed that TEUTON Vol.2 has arrived from the printers, and since I haven't received any panicked e-mails from Fred I can only assume the book is problem free! Here's a peek courtesy of Fearless Fred:

The book will be available at Fan Expo this weekend. Come have it signed by Fred and I, get a nice ink sketch by Yours Truly, and maybe even a free smile.

My Batman print will also be on sale, so, you know. Buy one.

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