Monday, March 7, 2011

TEUTON: Andrus and Olbert

The second issue of Teuton is now completely drawn and will soon be up on, where you can already read the entire fabulous first issue and 10 pages of issue two! Did I mention it's all free, free, free? So now you know what you'll be doing immediately after reading this post. How nice for you!

No. 2 is rife with action and brings a big change to the dynamic between our hero Andrus and his brother in arms, Olbert. I'm excited for people to see it. The set pieces were indeed challenging to piece together and put on paper. After all, when your story calls for a tree ogre to destroy a fortress, you better bring your A-game. The only problem with that is I don't have an A-game. I've got a pretty solid C-game and my B-game is forming up nicely. My hope is to get to A by the end of the year. Always have a goal, I say!

A little about these two Teutonic Knights: They're best of pals over pints in the great hall and a fearsome duo on the battlefield, but their difference in class sometimes threatens the bond they share. After all, Olbert is from a noble house. He's typically handsome and dashing, like out of some ironic fairy tale. He's also arrogant and hungry for glory. Not to mention extremely brave. He believes that, because of his unwavering faith and loyalty to God and the Order, the odds will always be on his side.

Andrus, on the other hand, isn't a nobleman. He's a Livonian who converted to Christianity and joined the Order as a means to save his village. Naturally, Andrus has a chip on his shoulder that makes him altogether more gruff, scarred and hardened than his fellow knights. While certainly as confident a warrior as Olbert, Andrus is more cunning and calculated, always thinking tactically about his next move.

See what lies ahead for both these brave knights on TEUTON #2!

Meanwhile I'll be diving straight into issue three...

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