Saturday, March 19, 2011

WIZARD WORLD 2011 - Day Two

Yesterday the convention was extremely slow and pretty dull. For whatever reason, a painfully eclectic selection of music was playing much louder than necessary. In fact, the music isn't needed at all since the convention isn't a hotel lounge or my dentist's waiting room. Consequently I had to speak it a decibel higher than I'm used (I normally prefer numbling and neurotic hand gestures), and had to pretend I understood a lot of what was said to me.

While the bad soundtrack carried on throughout today, I can happily say that the aisles were far busier and people were more supportive, more interested and more polite. I got little drawing done. I intended to do more, honest, but there's always so many people I'd like to see and chat with. I'm also still a nerd who likes getting his favourite comics signed. Plus, the seats are awful and the a/c pumped chilly waves down my back. By 3pm I was paranoid of having caught the flu--aches accompanied by chills! With such an assault on all my senses, how can I sit and work? How can I not get up and watch artists I admire do exactly what I can't: sit still and work.

Anyway, that's my mini rant about all the negatives of the convention so far. Believe me, there were many positive things I could write about here. I won't though. I'm tired and there's work to do. So as promised, here's another page from Teuton #3. I hope you like it...

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