Thursday, March 17, 2011

TEUTON @ Wizard World Toronto 2011 + NEW Pages! + Issue 3 preview! = SEXY TIMES

WIZARD WORLD TORONTO 2011 (...I'll be there!)
This weekend (Fri-Sun) you can see me at the big Wizard convention at the Direct Energy Center (details...) and you're invited to come visit! I'll be there promoting my comic book, Teuton, and the Big Sexy Comics imprint along with Andre Fernandes and Fearless Fred. Come one, come all!

Read 10 new pages (35-44) from the second installment of my medieval adventure comic @ Big Sexy Comics!

As I've stated before, my art chores are finished on issue two, with some lettering left to go, but there are no immediate plans to have the book printed. Fred and I discussed printing small runs as event exclusives--this upcoming Wizard show would've been a nice chance for that--but failing that we do plan on releasing a collected trade at the Toronto Fan Expo this August. I'm really quite excited about that. I see it as a chance to include supplemental material like scrapped initial drafts of pages, conceptual sketches, and alternate covers. As I strive to learn more about making comics, glimpsing the process of other creators is extremely fascinating for me. As well, Fred and I recently discussed making one-page back-up stories!

TEUTON #3 Preview!
The third installment of Teuton is underway! If you've read the latest of issue two, I hope you're hungry for more! Treat yourself to some more eye candy below...

Over the course of this convention weekend I'll be previewing 3 more pages right here on my blog. You're thinking, "that's a spanking new page a day! How can he get away with this?!" That's just the level of excitement I'm bringing into your lives. Embrace it!

See ya tomorrow!

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