Friday, December 9, 2011

Upcoming in TEUTON vol.2

Trolls are coming!

If you're keeping up with current pages of TEUTON vol.2, you know that our hero Andrus is at the mercy of a fearsome pagan thunder god, Perkunas, and now must cooperate with his sworn enemies to retrieve a mythical axe. However, the wilderness which they will soon brave is filled with terrible dangers: Trolls.

Above is an early concept drawing for our forest-dwelling trolls. While this look isn't re-defining the mythical creature by any stretch, it fits with my idea of Trolls: gigantic, hairy hominids that have neither shame nor empathy. I imagine them as terrifying mythical hillbillies that are often inbred and oafish, but strong and lethal. They'd be too dumb to make clothes or armor, which is fine since they'd never feel the need for garments. This of course means their privates would show, and might be distracting if they're bouncing from panels to panel, swinging clubs and stomping people. Fred, the writer, asked me show some decency. "Guys (ie. potential readers) hate weiners."

Is that true? Or are scary troll dongs exactly what the industry needs?

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