Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warm-Up Sketch: ANDRUS

This began as a loose warm-up sketch that I tightened up and added on to infrequently throughout yesterday. This morning I decided to finish it up with some colour before starting my page duties on Teuton. I used markers and watercolours. I would love to colour all of Teuton this way.

We've hit a point in the story where Andrus is trekking across Lithuania on horseback, accompanied by Jadvyga and Asura. Together they're searching for Perkunas' axe. I took this story beat as an opportunity to freshen up his look. In my mind, Andrus has selected a better class of dress and armor before starting his journey. The fortress of Pilenai was overtaken by the Pagans earlier on, so its halls are open and everything is for the taking. This will be Andrus' third or fourth wardrobe adjustment in the story so far, because I like to imagine these characters doing things off-panel, such as eating, using the outhouse, washing, and changing clothes. In fact, the only time we actually see Andrus change is in issue 3, where he's preparing to duel Vakaris.

It's also a sign of my learning curve. When I started this book I still had a lot to learn about the kinds armor and garb people wore in the 13th century.

As it's now full-blown winter in the story, other characters will get spiffy new duds.

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