Monday, January 7, 2013

24-Hour Comics Marathon

This past Saturday (Jan. 5th) I participated in the 24-hour Comics Marathon hosted by The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery. It was my first time ever participating in such an event and I'm very happy I did. Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp posted a great write-up of the event you should totally check out here.

The turnout was excellent. I enjoyed the creative environment, collaborative spirit and jovial attitude of everyone in attendance. Sitting with my pals Ricky Lima and Brian Evinou was kick ass, and of course meeting new people was also quite nice. My thanks go out to Keiren, Joe, the Guerrilla Printing folks and everyone else responsible for making it all possible. I want to especially thank Jason, May, Brandon, Steph, and Francis for kindly paying me a visit. And thanks to Shane for showering the love with free beers and good conversation.

I didn't finish my story. All the fun I had and alcohol I consumed caught up with me around 3am. I clocked out with only 13 finished pages. At that time I couldn't even comprehend my own story map. I left around 7 when I felt my tired, cranky inner demon rising to the surface. My kudos to all the cool kids who stuck it out till 10am.

My story, by the way, is about a malevolent spider who falls to earth and takes one unfortunate person as its slave. After a good sleep, I re-worked the ending to my story, giving it a twist ending that's rather gruesome. Drawing it will have to wait. I'd like to re-draw the whole thing and print it a one-short. I did, however, draw 2 more pages after the event to end what I had on a cliffhanger. I based my main character after the handsome and very trustworthy Brian Evinou. My pal Ricky Lima also makes a small cameo. Check it out!...