Friday, January 11, 2013

This Week In Drawing... 10-12

The last "This Week..." post was before Christmas. December 21st in fact. So if that Mayan-jumbo was on the money, it would have been my last post ever. Thankfully that's not the case, and since the world has not ended there's no reason to stop posting.


I'm enjoying my work on The Forgetting so far. It's so weird and very different from my regular work on Teuton, drawing it feels like a vacation of sorts. I'm approaching these pages with an experimental attitude, succeeding here, failing there, learning as I go.


After a fun and fairly consistent run with the sketch blog Spitballin' Comics, I dropped off. Now I'm back on the wagon with two new sketches:


Over the holidays I tackled several commissions and some spec work for this and that. You know, keeping life spicy.

 This piece was made for the wonderful Mr. Green from Geek Hard. My draft got sloshed with ink so I had to give it another go. I'm happy I did. The second attempt came out better than expected.

Not very long ago I was tapped on the shoulder by a Sony rep to quickly whip up some caricatures of Victor Lucas and Scott Whats-his-name from Electric Playground. The were meant to go on tee shirts, I believe. Normally caricatures aren't my thing, but I'll do almost anything with enough alcohol in me. Voila!

The nice fellas at Stadium Comics are always looking for something for me to do. I count myself lucky when they wish to see more of me and my work.

A few weeks back I, along with Agnes Garbowska, was a guest at one of their store sales. There they asked me for an Aquaman for the recent Throne Of Atlantis storyline. I regret not finding more room for his trident, but that thing is kind of a bitch to draw anyways.

Recently I was called upon by Stadium again, this time to draw cartoon versions of proprietors Rob and Kevin. Those two are such sweethearts I couldn't say no.

The sketch in question is to be used on a promotional cover for Legend Of The Shadow Clan, coming soon from Aspen Comics. The drawing will figure into the cover as a billboard framed by the main characters. I think it came out pretty neat.

Soon I'll be working on yet another very fun and exciting piece for Base Camp X. Perhaps even some t-shirts as well. Work on a very special Kraken axe is complete and the axe is a true work of art. Graeme, ever the badass visionary, thought, "why not have a painting to go with it." Why not, indeed?


Last weekend I participated in the super fun and exhausting 24-Hour Comic Marathon at The Comic Book Lounge. Read all about my end of things here.

For more coverage and a chance to see the stories made by the many other participants, you really must check out Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp and T.Dot Comics

I'll also say that my contemporary Christopher Yao absolutely destroyed the competition. Everyone there put an excellent, disciplined effort. More so than myself, that's for damn sure. Fun times.

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  1. Holy shit man, these are all awesome, stop making everyone feel bad!