Friday, February 1, 2013

This Week In Drawing... 15

This week has been nothing but The Forgetting, a sort of supernatural-horror-thriller that's one of two stories to be featured in Undertow #3 from 7th Wave Comics. The other story, Organ Grinder, is illustrated by Gibson-Fucking-Quarter (GFQ). Both stories come from the twisted imagination of writer Luke Donkersloot.

When Gibson first approached me about Undertow in early 2012, I thought the gig was a mere 4 or 6 page back-up. It was in fact three times as long, if I've done my math right (I haven't). I first met Gibson while working on Holmes Inc. #1, by the way.

GFQ is a swell guy and I enjoy his work (he contributed an excellent pin-up in Teuton: Volume One, you know), so I was delighted he thought enough of my work to want me on board.

I had not previously read Undertow before agreeing to draw in it, although I had seen the cover for issue two thanks to an interview GFQ did with Alice Quinn on Quintessential Comix. With issue three I would be picking up where another artist left off, a proposition that left me feeling more like a guest than a co-creator. Luke had me design his entire cast of characters however, some of whom had not yet been introduced in the first installment. He encouraged me to make it my own.

Luke's story is truly strange and unusual. The premise may sound familiar--the birth of a special child draws a group of immortals out after centuries of estrangement with humanity and each other--a sort of dark and gorey take on Marvel's The Eternals. Where it really takes flight, I think, is where his characters are concerned. The antagonist severs pieces of his own flesh to create golem henchmen and hides out in the space between sub-atomic particles. What?! The protagonist is an immortal shape-shifter who can seemingly regrow body parts, and is aided by John The Baptist after a brutal decapitation. Serious?! The script was a slow burn and exposition heavy until midway when things go full-tilt weird. That's where I really got to cut loose.

Altogether I think it's a slick issue, one that will take readers on a fun ride. I encourage everyone to check this one out. GFQ's Organ Grinder is a bizarre Western that has an interesting Dark Tower vibe.

Now issue three is in the can. It will make it's debut at the Emerald City Comic Con in March. Luke, Gibson, and colourist/inker Greg Harms will all be there. So if you're in Seattle March 1st, go ahead and show your support. The book should make it's way to Toronto shortly thereafter.

In the mean time, be a pal and like Undertow's Facebook page. And because I like you, here's the art in full, complete with both covers.