Friday, February 22, 2013

This Week In Drawing... 17 & 18


The past couple weeks have been heavy with web work and design. The new and improved website for Big Sexy Comics will be going live very, very soon and I can't wait for it to be ready. I'll have two blogs to upkeep!

The old site was the bane of my existence. For starters, the wrong artist was credited for Teuton. You know how awkward it is sending links to potential clients and/or editors only to have them ask why it says someone else drew my book? Secondly, the comic reader was not user friendly. Many people related their bungled attempts to navigate the comic. Lastly, the thing was rarely updated. It got to a point where I stopped directing people to the site because I couldn't rely on it to leave a good impression. In fact, the epic failure (in my opinion) of the site was the direct cause for me be proactive on this blog. If had worked out the first time I wouldn't have this blog that nobody reads!

Getting our act together on the site brought another important aspect of the Big Sexy Comics brand to mind--the logo.

A while back Fred and I had to ask ourselves what our game plan was in comics. Was Big Sexy Comics and it's properties means to an end? Hopeful springboards to professional work, or were we going to build our own house and take it the distance? We landed somewhere in between. As we both crave a perceived legitimization by finding work with publishers, we also love what we're creating and work at honing or storytelling skills with our own material. Big Sexy Comics will always be our stable, regardless of what else we do. To keep that stable up, Fred had the website rebooted and we're looking to take our books to market. Currently our books, specifically Teuton Volumes 1 & 2, are carried by a handful of stores in the GTA, and although they're available for purchase online at Indy Planet, we haven't advertised our focused on marketing. So while we remain hopeful creators, we've learned we're also terrible businessmen.

This year we aim to change that by pulling our heads out of our asses and fully getting behind the books we've worked so hard to create. I think. To do that I felt we needed a new logo, and after hours of work I presented Fred with a host of options, emphasizing my personal choice. He did not go for it and I was crestfallen. If you've worked with me then you know I can be picky, pushy and strong headed. With Fred I've got my way with many things, including with this website, so bearing that in mind I applied some gentle insistence to see things my way. Nope. He likes what he likes, so I've relented. Check out this cover mock-up to see what it came down to:


Now because I'm tired of typing, here's a bunch of other stuff I worked on recently...

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