Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Week In Drawing... 16


Last weekend I finally got around to completing an X-Men Legacy sketch cover my pal Ricky Lima wanted me to do since October or November. Poor, patient fellow. Creatively speaking, Ricky is an unusual and fascinating individual, so when he asked that this particular cover be somewhat more abstract than a typical super-hero pin-up, I had to give it some thought. When the mood struck, however, the thing practically painted itself :

I got to do some more cover sketches later/earlier in the week at a sudden guest appearance at Stadium Comics' Transformers event. I can't draw Transformers for beans, but luckily nobody asked:

I've got one other commission on the go right now and I'm pretty jazzed about it. I won't get into specifics, but it's going to be super fun:


Work on Teuton is going well. After a month away from drawing Undertow #3, re-opening Fred's script felt like coming home. I will say, however, that working on something completely different gave me a sense of freedom and opened me up creatively. I learned a thing or two that I'm excited to bring into Volume 3. I've also learned some valuable lessons in inking from the very skilled gents at RAID and I'm trying hard at disciplining myself to be more controlled and more mindful of where I put my lines.

Speaking of getting back into the script, I must have roughly drafted pages 16 & 17 dozens of times before settling on what is now a double-page spread. There was so much cohesive action happening in the two pages that it just made sense to join them.

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