Tuesday, February 5, 2013



I've made a couple updates to my blog and Big Cartel store. Namely, there are new-ish items up for sale:

  • Over at Big Cartel I have some fun super hero prints, as well as my personal favs, Aldo Raine and Where The Wild Things Are. I should mention that whether or not you choose to pay extra for an original ink sketch, I always enjoy stashing extra goodie with orders. 
  • In my Gallery you can buy original sketches of varying size and quality (I'm speaking of paper type and materials used, because it's all quality goods, babe!) Recent additions to the gallery include full colour sketches from my Spitballin' Comics entries, as well as my daily warm-up sketches.


Apart from art for sale, the reprint of Teuton: Volume One will soon be here, making it's official debut at the Toronto ComiCon on March 9 & 10th. The reprint features 15 brand new pages of art by Yours Truly, supplying a brand new first act--it's so rad! You can check out those unlettered pages here and here if you don't believe me!

Just as before, Volume One contains a thoughtful foreward by Kill Shakespeare author Conor McCreery, and sports a killer pin-up gallery that includes Tony Perna, Gibson Quarter, Vince Sunico, Marvian Sianipar, Andre Fernandes, and Adam Moore!

I'll soon make Volumes 1 & 2 available for purchase either here or on my store front, and hopefully on the Big Sexy Comics site too. Speaking of, the BSC.com is under construction. Well, it has been for some time I guess, but the newly furnished site will soon be live! For serious! Expect a lot of updates and new content to follow.

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