Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A couple months ago I attended a sketch event for the release of Batman #0 at Stadium Comics. You can read all about that here.

One of the sketch covers I did was for the store itself to raffle away on their web series, Unboxing Wednesdays. I never learned what happened to that book--until now...

I was in fucking tears watching this.

I love everything about it: the parading of the comic, the concealed identity, the epic music in the background.

Thank you, Mystery Prize-Winner, for making me feel like a somebody!

Speaking of Unboxing Wednesdays, do you watch it? You totally should! Here's their latest episode, where things get super classy in anticipation of their first ever Art Exhibition and Sale event. I fucking love Ricky and Kevin as a duo. I want to see them solve mysteries...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Prints

A change in my daily routine prevented me from posting a This Week In Drawing... (only 2 installments in!), but this week I'll be posting two weeks worth of art and it promises to be a whopper.

Anyhow, prints of my Joker and Punisher illustrations are now available!

I'll be selling them tomorrow at Stadium Comics' All-New X-Men Event where a $1 from every sale of All-New X-Men will go towards the Movember cause.

So come see me tomorrow at Stadium Comics from 11-4 for a sketch and a print!

Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week In Drawing... 002

It's Friday, which means it's time for my second installment of This Week In Drawing...


Last Saturday Stadium Comics hosted the first ever Halloween Comic Fest at Shopper's World, Brampton, which I attended along with many of my comic pals. It was a hoot. As always, I had an excellent time and was sorry I couldn't enjoy the company of pals like Ty Templeton, Shane Heron, Brian Evinou, Phil McClorey, Agnes Garbowska and Vince Sunico for a longer stretch of time. You can check out all the photos here at Stadium's Facebook page.

The very seriously cool thing about Halloween Comic Fest was the debut of Deep Sea, a self-published indie book by two very rad dudes, Ricky Lima (writer) and David Bishop (artist). I've known Ricky a while as a super funny chum but had never read anything he wrote. For shame! What Dave and Ricky serve up in their 8-page tale is seriously eerie and cool. David Bishop's been on my radar for a little while now as a self-made storyteller who is truly practicing the medium for the love of it. From his first issue of Stranger--his own twisted take on a zombie uprising--to the stylistic pages of Deep Sea, he's a promising artist who shows every sign of growth in the craft. The book is not without it's flaws--little things that hamper almost any indie book--but the strong, simple plot and clear storytelling show that both writer and artist have a firm grasp on spinning a yarn. For me, it's exciting to see two cool people make good music together. I'm super happy Rick and Dave's first effort came out so well, and I'm excited for what both these two creators will do in the future.

Be sure to hit up either Ricky or Dave to see how you can get your mitts on a copy!


While at the event I sketched several things for nice folks, but my goal for the afternoon was to ink my portrait of the Joker in his New 52 incarnation. I boasted earlier on here that it was to be my Halloween card. Boy was it. Have a look at the process...


This week at Spitballin' Comics we celebrated some of our favourite horror movie icons from the 1980's. I chose The Shining because it still gives me the creeps and I, like many other creators working from home I'm sure, can relate to the state of cabin fever Jack Torrance is eventually driven mad by. Well, the ghosts played a part too, but I as of yet have no experience with the super natural. Anyway, I had two different finals for my Spitballin' piece, but I chose one over the other because I felt the character needed to show strongly. Although I've come to like the second version better...


I didn't dress up this year, but fellow illustrator Becka Kinzie paid me the great compliment of dressing as my pin-up character from Horror In The West. What's more, her make-up job is pretty fucking good...


I've been working on the next long chapter of Teuton, starting with page layouts and thumbnails. Here's a smattering of what this week yielded...


Here's a quick look at things to come from me in the coming weeks, including a peek at next week's entry to Spitballin' Comics...