Saturday, September 29, 2012

Episode 100 Shenanigans

Last night Stadium Comics taped their one hundredth episode of their web series, Unboxing Wednesdays. I was in attendance, and for the record I had a great time.

Courtesy of David Bishop's phone.
Inside the Irish football club where it was held, it was fantastic seeing so many friendly and familiar faces from the GTA comic scene. Shaun Hatton greeted me warmly with hugs and kisses; Alice Quinn very kindly kept my courage up before climbing the stage; David Bishop shared with me his exciting new comic, Deep Sea. The night was filled with small, enjoyable interactions with people I genuinely like.

That's really what makes Stadium Comics and the guys who run it especially great--they've cultivated a community of comic creators and comic lovers who all want to see each other do well. A network of support and appreciation exists between creators, bloggers, video hosts, readers, fans, collectors; and it exists because Stadium likes bringing people together.

So it was fun getting together with everyone. It was a pleasure being given some time under the spotlight in a very off the cuff talking panel. It was nice having a few words with almost everyone in a inebriated state. I can't wait to do it again for Episode 200.

Thanks, everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Sale / Some More Fan Expo Coverage!

Geek Hard @ Fan Expo 2012

Mr. Green from Geek Hard interviewed Fred and I at our table during Fan Expo weekend. The lads at GH are all great guys and it's always a pleasure seeing them at shows. I actually had the pleasure of doodling Dr. Octopus in Green's sketchbook.

Incidentally, Geek Hard's Andrew Young published a positive review of Teuton: Volume Two, and for that I say "Heck yes!" My thanks to everyone for being so rad and treating me well at conventions.

Art For Sale

Also from Fan Expo are several pieces of original art that I'm casually putting up for sale. I figure this will be something I do semi-regularly, just have a limited sale on sketches and original pieces or whatever, including the pieces I've done for Spitballin' Comics. Exciting?

The sale items are listed below and can be purchased via Paypal. E-mail me to lay claim to an item:

There's probably a smarter way of doing this, but for now this is how I'm playing it out. Cheers!

SOLD! Watercolours, India Ink, and Copic Marker on Stathmore

$20 - Ink on Marvel Sketch Cover

$40 - Watercolour and India Ink on Strathmore
$25 - India Ink on 8" x 11"
$25 - India Ink on 8" x 11"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art and Shirts Colliding

I took a recent sketch of mine and made it into a t-shirt. I'm quite pleased with it. So far it's one of a kind, unless of course someone can get me to make another.

The image is made from die cut vinyl and looks crisp and slick on the garment. I toyed with adding more colours, but I like the simplicity of the black and white. Keeping that sketchy feel felt right. Except for Ghost's eyes. Those are red.

I've also made a shirt of my Evil Eddie piece I created for Base Camp X. It's a gift to my buddy Graeme, who for the record is awesome.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BATMAN #0 @ Stadium Comics

Today I sketched on blank Batman covers from 1 - 9pm at Stadium Comics in Brampton. Quite honestly, it was the busiest I've ever been at such an event.

Big, big thanks to Ricky, Kevin, Eric, Kevin, Rob, Matt, and everyone who came to show support. It was a killer time and I really hope everyone enjoyed me defacing their comics!

I always want to congratulate my buddy Rob from Stadium Comics, on the birth of his son, Clark. Yippee!

Now here's a bunch of photos of stuff I drew...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

News and Events

Teuton Review

Recently Teuton Volumes 1 & 2 were reviewed together over at The review is largely positive, although I'd still totally post about it if it were negative.

Sometimes I think a negative review would make for good reading. I give myself negative reviews all the time. Perhaps it would be nice to read something that validates my self deprecating. Or maybe not.

That's not to suggest there's an overwhelming number of glowing reviews of my work. Just the fact that a handful exist blows me away. Big thanks to Mike at Comic Attack for taking the time and finding some enjoyment in our books.

Teuton Reprint

We're out of Teuton Volume One. There may be a couple copies kicking around the odd comic shop in Mississauga, but our official stance at Big Sexy Comics is that the first printing is all gone.

This posed as a potential problem when launching Volume Two at Fan Expo, since so many people would be unfamiliar with the property and unlikely to buy the second installment of something they haven't read. So we Fred made a downloadable PDF of V.1 available to anyone who bought a copy of V.2.

I'm still receiving e-mails from folks looking to pick up a copy of either book. While I'm gradually contacting shops about carrying V.2, you can still order both books from Indy Planet, or you can download the PDF of V.1 at this link:

In the meantime, we're working on a reprint of V.1, complete with a new cover and 15 brand new pages by Yours Truly. That'll be out in November.

Toronto Thumbs

During the course of Fan Expo I spoke briefly with Toronto Thumbs on the subject of board games. I had little to say about the matter, truth be told, and was put to further shame when my compadre, Fred, went to town with his own memories of board games.

You can read the exchange of words at their site:

I played it off like I was too cool for school, but those that know me are highly aware that's not the case. All the people I admire either play board games or used to, and I've never had enough friends to play something like that. Boo-hoo.

Holmes Inc. #3 Launch Party

The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery is hosting a release party for Holmes Inc. #3 this Friday, September 7th. The event starts @ 7pm, so stop by and hang with all the creators and many other fantastic folks from the Toronto comic scene.

I was honoured to draw the cover for issue three and I'll be happy to be in attendance with all them fine folks. Join me there:

Batman #0 @ Stadium Comics

Wednesday, September 12th I'll be appearing at Stadium Comics in Brampton for their kick-ass Batman event. DC Comics is releasing #0 issues all month long, and from what I understand Batman #0 will be the publisher's first blank sketch cover. It's a gimmick Marvel has done for a while now, but this means you can have me draw Batman on your Batman.

No, you're not reading this while taking LSD. This is can be your reality and all you need to do is come visit me at Stadium Comics on Wednesday, Sept. 12th!

My Batman prints will be on sale as well, and I'll be doing sketches and commissions and that old bit. So be there:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yoroku Saki

A few years ago my pal Yoroku Saki hired me to paint his album cover well before he finished the music. When asked why, he explained he wanted our creative forces to mesh. In other words, he wanted me to inspire him. Or whatever.

Anyway, three years later he's got a sample of music out for all to hear. Check it out!