Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even More Fan Expo Coverage

My daughter Rosalind has come to love Star Wars at a very young age.

That's my doing. I had A New Hope playing while inking one day and she seemed into it. I thought it might be neat to sit with her and watch the rest of the trilogy a little bit each night. After watching The Empire Strikes Back she was recalling names and plot points. It was unprecedented at the time.

It's been several months but her interest hasn't waned. When Rose was told she'd get to dress up for Fan Expo, there was only one character she wanted to be: Princess Leia.

At the convention she asked repeatedly where Darth Vader was. That's who she wanted to see most--or so she thought until she crossed paths with another Leia. Then shit got real.

Look into the innocent eyes of petrified joy.
It was wonderful carrying her around the convention floor and introducing her to friends new and old. Heck, I was proud. I wanted something to really meaningful to mark the occasion, so I retained the very skilled Agnes Garbowska.

In Teuton: Volume Two, Agnes brilliantly illustrated an Epilogue tale that closed the book nicely. Her style was an excellent contrast to mine, and added depth to our little world. It was that same style I wanted for Rosalind's memento.

Many thanks to Agnes for the impeccable work she's known for.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More Fan Expo Coverage

Two interviews from Fan Expo. I find both amusing. The first features Yours Truly for Capsule Computers. I'm as bumbling and befuddled as ever, and the chap in the scarf looks to be very distracted. My thanks to Jamie Tsui.

This second features Fred giving the low down on the latest books from Big Sexy Comics. I make a cameo and Fred smugly displays why I love him so.

FAN EXPO 2012 Post Game Wrap-Up

The Big Sexy Comics table: where expectations meet disappointment!
  So that happened.

The past four days were a success for Fred and I on many levels. We are both really happy with how Teuton Vol.2 was received. Half of our stock was sold! My thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone who bought a copy.

There are so very many people who showed me kindness and made me feel super. Tony and Kara Moore were badass and extremely kind neighbours. Bob Layton is fucking hilarious and shared with me his brand of cynical wisdom. Convention nights are made spectacular by the company of Phil McClorey, Brian Evinou, Jeff Brown, Fred.

I'm grateful to Michael Walsh and Ed Brisson for the best stroll down Spadina Avenue in memory; to Marcus To for always making me feel welcome; to Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith for treating me like a peer; to Gibson Quarter for being Gibson-fucking-Quarter; to Kris Johnson for praise I'm working hard to be worthy of...

The list goes on. There are more people to thank and stories to tell, but it's all too much to chronicle here all at once. I'll say that I'm left with a whopping new set of memories. With past conventions I was plagued by regrets. This year my only regret is not being able to spend more time with everyone who made this year uh-mazing.

Now here's a series of convention drawings...

Thor: in ancient viking garb.
The Joker in prison for Katya.

Captain America: to whittle away the hours.
Jonah Hex: had Westerns on my mind.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prelude to Fan Expo 2012

Tomorrow marks the start of Toronto Fan Expo, which as of last year is a four day event. I'm already packing my stuff and cooking chowder (an incidental detail that has no bearing on the event, but it will be tasty.)

Overall I'm excited. However this will be the first time I've gone to a convention without having already seen my printed book. They arrived while I was in Montana and I still haven't seen the finished product. I'm on pins and needles!

What's more, the stellar Marvin Sianipar (artist of Mal & Lot) has returned to contribute a gorgeous pin-up. Behold:

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, that's not all, folks!  

Craig Yeung, inker extraordinaire, has illustrated a kick ass piece of Andrus and Asura in battle mode. We'll be selling prints of it at the table. These are super, duper limited, yo.

Mind you, Teuton is not the only book debuting at Fan Expo that bears my work. No sir! This year I've had the pleasure of contributing to several great projects.

One of them is Horror In The West, a horror anthology I supplied a pin-up for. All the preview art at Furious Comics has been great and the variety of folks involved promises to be a great read.

The other is Holmes Incorporated #3. The latest installment of Ty Templeton's league of Sherlockian do-gooders boasts excellent work from TCW veterans and newcomers alike. I was given the privilege of drawing the cover, brilliantly coloured by Ty himself.

I encourage one and all to pick both books up. In fact, anyone who brings both books to my table will be given a free ink sketch!

How's that for incentive?

Finally, I'll be selling my limited Batman prints. There are three to choose from, but why should you choose? You know you want all three.

Resist not!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spectacular Views

Hunting fossils in the Blair Sand Dunes.

Little Clint Dig as seen from Camp.

Camp as seen from Little Clint.
The start of an evening hike.
Prospecting at sunset.
Another foreboding horizon.
Another day done and gone.
Taken from the badlands of Montana. The landscape was too expansive and breathtaking to capture it in one single photo, so here are some panoramas.


I've been away these past two weeks. While I am preparing to write all about my experiences abroad, I'd first like to acknowledge some awesome things that happened in my absence!

The very night before I left town I was feverishly at work on the cover for Holmes Inc. #3, which was a nice return to a property I played a small role in establishing over two years ago. Most of the same people I worked with on issue one have returned for this third installment, and I really wanted to come through for them.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to colour it myself, as was my ambition. However, since I was handing it over to the very capable hands of Ty Templeton, whom I trusted implicitly to make it even better, I was I not so much surprised as I was totally blown away by his finished colours nailed what I envisioned

Thanks so very much to Ty for the opportunity and his excellent. I'd also like to thank all the cool cats and kittens from the Holmes Inc. team for their valuable input.

The book will be on sale this weekend at the Toronto Fan Expo, and you should absolutely grab a copy. I mean it. Do it.

I've also learned from reading my backlogged Twitter feed that TEUTON Vol.2 has arrived from the printers, and since I haven't received any panicked e-mails from Fred I can only assume the book is problem free! Here's a peek courtesy of Fearless Fred:

The book will be available at Fan Expo this weekend. Come have it signed by Fred and I, get a nice ink sketch by Yours Truly, and maybe even a free smile.

My Batman print will also be on sale, so, you know. Buy one.