Sunday, May 13, 2012


Writing 101 is a super fun segment where new origins for popular characters are drawn up on the fly. The shorts are put together by Ricky Lima, interviewer and host of Flavourful Reviews, whose illustrations and their execution for this bit are simply bang on. I love it.

Granted, my creative cohort, Fearless Fred, does all the heavy lifting in this short (my contribution was kindly left out due to my filthy language and poor narrative abilities), but it was great fun hamming it up with those boys.

For those unaware, Ricky is an incredibly talented dude. Apart from writing and cartooning, he composes killer music that's a serious trip to listen to. The other day I was penciling a page while listening to his Soundcloud page.

What's more, he's composed the theme song to Black Church, the exciting comic book/video game project created by the phenomenal Andy Belanger. The theme song accompanies the 8-bit video game adaptation of the comic--it's rare for that many awesome things to be packed into a single sentence like that.

Do yourself a huge favour and check out all the links above!

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