Saturday, September 29, 2012

Episode 100 Shenanigans

Last night Stadium Comics taped their one hundredth episode of their web series, Unboxing Wednesdays. I was in attendance, and for the record I had a great time.

Courtesy of David Bishop's phone.
Inside the Irish football club where it was held, it was fantastic seeing so many friendly and familiar faces from the GTA comic scene. Shaun Hatton greeted me warmly with hugs and kisses; Alice Quinn very kindly kept my courage up before climbing the stage; David Bishop shared with me his exciting new comic, Deep Sea. The night was filled with small, enjoyable interactions with people I genuinely like.

That's really what makes Stadium Comics and the guys who run it especially great--they've cultivated a community of comic creators and comic lovers who all want to see each other do well. A network of support and appreciation exists between creators, bloggers, video hosts, readers, fans, collectors; and it exists because Stadium likes bringing people together.

So it was fun getting together with everyone. It was a pleasure being given some time under the spotlight in a very off the cuff talking panel. It was nice having a few words with almost everyone in a inebriated state. I can't wait to do it again for Episode 200.

Thanks, everyone!

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