Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff and Such

It's been a while since my last post. Truthfully it may be longer still before I'm posting regularly. That's because of all the nifty things I've been involved with. Namely Teuton and just recently True Patriot.

Go ahead and read Fred's post about our work on True Patriot here, the indie Canadian super-hero anthology that features the magnificence of Scott Chantler, J. Bone, Ramon Perez, Andy Belanger--and it goes on like that until I show up. Then everyone discretely leaves the party.

Meanwhile the deadline for Teuton is fast approaching. As I've said before to anyone pretending to listen, it feels as though I've got several nooses tightening around my neck. Still, I'm hopeful.

Anyhow, this blog. According to the stats, people actually look at this thing. That makes me feel terrible for not posting anything new, or even new-ish. Well, here's a bunch of stuff I drew if you're in desperate need of killing 5 minutes...

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