Sunday, January 29, 2012

TEUTON vol.2, pages 32-36


After a heated argument between Maras and Jurate, the death goddess pulled rank and slapped Jurate silly. Thus a decision was made: Andrus, Asura, and Jadvyga must be killed swiftly before they can find Perkunas' axe.

With our heroes out of the way, Maras, Jurate, and Velinas believe they can rest assured their plot to unseat Perkunas will never be discovered... until it is too late.

The question remains: how does one kill three fine heroes hellbent on a quest?

How else? Forest Trolls--the perfect crime!

Velinas, the trickster devil, has an army of bastard troll children at his disposal, and now he has a special task for them to carry out...

Volume 2 has several big action set pieces, the Trolls being just the first of them. After flipping through my work in the first volume, I felt one of many things I need to improve upon is the staging of action. I took some time with 35 & 36 and for the most part I'm quite pleased with them. Here's a look at my roughs along the way...

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