Tuesday, February 7, 2012

UPDATED: TEUTON vol.2, pages 37-41!

Update: Originally I wanted this post to include page 41, which caps off this action beat nicely. I just took a little longer laying that page out because, well, I'm still learning. Enjoy!

The battle rages on...

In other news...

I'll be attending the Toronto Comicon (March 10-11) with Fearless Fred and the ever-growing Big Sexy Comics team.

Mark it down, babies!


The official Big Sexy Comics website is undergoing some much needed maintenance. Right now, you can read all of Teuton Vol.1 and the first 21 pages of Volume 2 at higher resolutions!

Exciting, no?

Follow the link, faithful reader, to satisfy your medieval cravings!...

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  1. It's all looking amazing lately, wow, I can't wait to pick it up in March. Must remember to take off those days from work.