Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prelude to Fan Expo 2012

Tomorrow marks the start of Toronto Fan Expo, which as of last year is a four day event. I'm already packing my stuff and cooking chowder (an incidental detail that has no bearing on the event, but it will be tasty.)

Overall I'm excited. However this will be the first time I've gone to a convention without having already seen my printed book. They arrived while I was in Montana and I still haven't seen the finished product. I'm on pins and needles!

What's more, the stellar Marvin Sianipar (artist of Mal & Lot) has returned to contribute a gorgeous pin-up. Behold:

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, that's not all, folks!  

Craig Yeung, inker extraordinaire, has illustrated a kick ass piece of Andrus and Asura in battle mode. We'll be selling prints of it at the table. These are super, duper limited, yo.

Mind you, Teuton is not the only book debuting at Fan Expo that bears my work. No sir! This year I've had the pleasure of contributing to several great projects.

One of them is Horror In The West, a horror anthology I supplied a pin-up for. All the preview art at Furious Comics has been great and the variety of folks involved promises to be a great read.

The other is Holmes Incorporated #3. The latest installment of Ty Templeton's league of Sherlockian do-gooders boasts excellent work from TCW veterans and newcomers alike. I was given the privilege of drawing the cover, brilliantly coloured by Ty himself.

I encourage one and all to pick both books up. In fact, anyone who brings both books to my table will be given a free ink sketch!

How's that for incentive?

Finally, I'll be selling my limited Batman prints. There are three to choose from, but why should you choose? You know you want all three.

Resist not!

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