Monday, August 27, 2012

FAN EXPO 2012 Post Game Wrap-Up

The Big Sexy Comics table: where expectations meet disappointment!
  So that happened.

The past four days were a success for Fred and I on many levels. We are both really happy with how Teuton Vol.2 was received. Half of our stock was sold! My thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone who bought a copy.

There are so very many people who showed me kindness and made me feel super. Tony and Kara Moore were badass and extremely kind neighbours. Bob Layton is fucking hilarious and shared with me his brand of cynical wisdom. Convention nights are made spectacular by the company of Phil McClorey, Brian Evinou, Jeff Brown, Fred.

I'm grateful to Michael Walsh and Ed Brisson for the best stroll down Spadina Avenue in memory; to Marcus To for always making me feel welcome; to Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith for treating me like a peer; to Gibson Quarter for being Gibson-fucking-Quarter; to Kris Johnson for praise I'm working hard to be worthy of...

The list goes on. There are more people to thank and stories to tell, but it's all too much to chronicle here all at once. I'll say that I'm left with a whopping new set of memories. With past conventions I was plagued by regrets. This year my only regret is not being able to spend more time with everyone who made this year uh-mazing.

Now here's a series of convention drawings...

Thor: in ancient viking garb.
The Joker in prison for Katya.

Captain America: to whittle away the hours.
Jonah Hex: had Westerns on my mind.

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