Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Sexy Happenings This Week...

Recently I sat down with my friend and creative partner, Fred Kennedy, for another of his podcasts wherein we discuss working on indie comics. Joining me this time at the indie creator roundtable were Gibson Quarter and Ricky Lima. Both great dudes, both well spoken and insightful. It was a good a chat.

If you haven't already checked out these "Fredcasts" you would do well to listen to a few--or all of them. Fred's interviewed many amazing guests, the majority of them comic book superstars, and each of them infinitely more interesting than myself.

That said, you should also totally listen to the one I just did, which you can right here. I have not listened to it however, and I probably won't, because listening to my own voice is torture I don't need at the moment.

In other Fred & Adam related news, this weekend is Toronto ComiCon, and you can bet your booties we'll be there. At table P24 in fact, selling copies of our newly reprinted Teuton: Volume One!

But if you're not hitting up the old comic convention this weekend, you can always snag a copy of Teuton over at our Big Sexy Comic Shop. We have a deal running till Friday, 8th where you get a free colour sketch with every purchase!


  1. Damn, I want a colour sketch, but I've already got the first volume! Fist shake! I will stop by the table for high fives, maybe even push it and take our friendship to the next level...high tens.

    1. It's a BRAND NEW Volume 1, brother! New story! New pages! New cover! Besides, the deal works for Volume 2 as well. Don't hold back! Give me your money!