Monday, September 2, 2013

Big Sexy Comic Shop

Fearless Fred and I fared very well at Fan Expo the other weekend. We debuted the much anticipated Teuton: Volume Three, the final installment in our medieval epic from Big Sexy Comics. The reaction from fans were phenomenal and we sold out of V.1 & 3 completely by Sunday!

With that said, copies of Teuton V.3 are available for purchase online at the Big Sexy Comic Shop!

There's actually a ton of great stuff at the online store, including all three Teuton books, prints, and original art by Yours Truly.

Recently added to the store are my Superman Unchained and Green Lantern/Silver Surfer prints for just $10 each.

As well, come painted sketches from Fan Expo 2013 are up. Check it all out!

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